Thursday, June 12, 2008


I found a Sari,in an Indian Clothes shop in Petaling Jaya.
The one i wanted,was so pretty,omg.
But it took me roughly an hour to wrap the silk around my body.
And I find it real hard to walk in.
So,tht was instantly a sign saying i should get a lenggha maybe.
I'll be circling HALF of Dataran Merdeka,so I dont wanna fall flat on my face in front of the crowd.
So,i finally decided on a green lenggha with purple beads,omg,so pretty:O

But first,school sucked eggs today.
After practicing for an AntiDrug thingie tomorrow,Wa told me i FAILED,yes,FAILED my Additional Matematics.I didnt expect though,that it meant i've gotten a measly 18% for the paper.
Yeah,it was my fault in the first place,didnt really study.Haih.That spoiled my whole day,trust me,it really did:'( I've never ever gotten a 18% for a test,neither a 30% omgomgomg.
I'm screwed.No more late night outs,no more partying,no more One Utama.Pffft.
So,now.I officially despise AddMaths.
Whoever decided on making it a compulsory subject for SPM must've been a real teenage-hater.

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