Sunday, September 28, 2008

Eid's Around The Corner

It's been too long,
Ramadhan is almost over and Eid Mubarak is just two days away (!)
The excitement has finally set in and the "come over to my house,duit raya best" text has been sent to a few friends who'll be spending the first day here,in KL.
Honestly,I'll sorta miss Ramadhan.It only comes once a year and I dont intend to be morbid but God knows when will my last Ramadhan be
I've been told that a few people actually weep when Ramadhan passes by.
I didn't have time to really appreciate Ramadhan though,I did fast but I didn't go for Terawih as promised and I didn't pray five times a day (ampunilah dosaku,Ya Allah)
But but,on the brightside though,Eid Mubarak this year is gonna be extra special
The estranged Aunt came over for the first time in two years today.
Wasn't as emotional as expected but suprising nonetheless.
After the big fight with Maktok two years ago,we haven't seen her since.
The joy in Maktok's eyes was enough to make me wanna cry
Eventhough Maktok said bad things about Tante Latifah and held a grudge against her mainly because of the fight,we all know she was ecstatic to see Tante walk through the gate this afternoon.
Plus,we got our duit raya early hehe.
Selamat Hari Raya,bloggers and I'm sorry,very sorry,if I've ever done anything to hurt anyone

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