Thursday, October 30, 2008


Quite a number of foul words will be used in my entry here
Why?Because I've had it with the attitudes you've been donning throughout the year
I'm getting sick and tired of having to be the one to do this and that and so are my friends
We are downright fed-up with you people because you have never ever lend your precious hand or your oh-so-precious time to even help us out with these sorta things
Siapa yang buat cupcakes dengan cookies sampai pagi-pagi buta untuk benda bodoh-bodoh yang kat sekolah?Sampai tak tidur malam sebab kalau tak siap,kita jugak yang kena marah,bukan kau?
Kita jugak
Siapa yang terhegeh-hegeh organize dinner Pandu Puteri,Pengawas tu?Sampai setengah orang tak puas hati jugak akhirnya?Kita lagi
Who does all the hard work,while you people get to boss us around?We do
And we've never complained straight to your face because we dont wanna start a fight with ugly people,besides,you've nothing to lose
I'm not holding anything against you but,sometimes,you people just cross the line
So here goes nothing.
I'm sorry for saying all this,but Form 3s and 2s aa,aiyo
I understand you are all having the time of your life,merayau sini-sana
We were like that too after PMR but heck,we too,had Hari K after PMR
And we made an effort of opening our own stall because we knew the seniors had exams to finish
Same thing now,Goddamit!
We are in the middle of an exam lah babi and you expect US to handle everything?
Sampai bila kita nak jadi kuli awak semua ni?Sumpah aku tak puas hati kau tahu tak!
We have our History paper tomorrow but we put that aside because CERTAIN people are counting on us to do cookies lah,itu lah ini lah
If we can put aside our exams,EXAMS,why can't you?Orang yang dah kononnya "merdeka" sebab exam dah habis?
If I were you,I'd help out because you've nothing else to do kat rumah kan?
You people lah,we spent almost 5 hours baking cookies today,tak sentuh langsung buku Sejarah
But we didnt complain because its fun,and we're doing it dengan rela hati k
I bet dalam hati busuk sorang-sorang,sure macam "Oh,bagus lah,takpayah buat apa-apa,form 4 dah buat,kita boleh continue lepak OU ke curve ke esok"
And I heard you guys are opening your own stalls eh?Okay,fine,nothing wrong
But we're dividing our time between THREE stalls,so have you heard of a thing called "changing shifts?"
We're not asking the Form 5s to help us out because SPM's a few weeks away and we can relate to them
Shit,our finals pun kita dah menggelabah,apa lagi SPM?
Sooooo,adik-adik sekalian yang lawa lagi bijaksana,tolong sikit boleh tak?
I swear to God kan,if I don't see you guys helping out this Saturday,siap sorang-sorang
You have never,ever seen me lash out at people when I'm mad
And trust me,you wouldn't want to because I can go all bitch from hell on you
And that won't be pretty,no.
By the way,say what you want say,look at me with that "killer stare" of yours
Because,frankly speaking,I don't give a flying tuck
Ni blog aku,kerja kau baca je

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