Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Bowl of Peace

Couldn't sleep last night because the ulcer on my gum is getting to be the size of an eraser
And it hurts so bad,so very bad
Switched on the television and it was showing Qaisy dan Laila
How love between to individuals bloomed while volunteering to work for MERIT Malaysia in Afghanistan
On the other hand,I didn't cry because of how romantic it was (which it wasn't)
The lump forming in my throat was due to sympathizing for the people there
The men who fight for their rights till they die,the women who collect scrap metals on landmines to sell,in hope of getting money,and the children who would kill to even eat a crumb of bread
I felt guilty,somehow,because here,we take things for granted
Wastage of food etc is shameful,come to think of it
Picture us,watching fireworks displays during New Years Eve and how some say it sounds like bombs
While in Iraq,to listen for the sounds of airborne missiles have become a humdrum
Why can't the world just stop to realize that waging a war between two countries won't solve any problems?
Just bring back your troops and settle it the professional way
Politically,of course.
Don't they realize how unrealistic they're being?Killing hundreds of innocent people everyday
Peace,a word that's almost impossible to apply in sentences these days

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