Tuesday, December 23, 2008

You Had Me At Hello

Me:Whaddya call that CIQ thing again?Counter Immigration Queue?
Amina:Custom Immigration Quarantine lah bodoh
Me:How many times do I have to remind you not to make me look stupid?
Amina:Ohmy,it's too late for that!

Wanna trade little sisters with me?Anyhoo
We just got back from Singapore,hence the lack of entries
Had to come home earlier than expected since Farah's akad nikah is tomorrow
Dad insisted on driving there and by the time we reached the CIQ,I could barely feel my feet
Truth be told,Singapore's not a place I'd like to spend days on end shopping
Mostly because it burned a hole in Mum's purse
Although I did purchase quite a number of clothes and bags
I found a fringed bag I adored and fringed booties,Wan Su Rock dragged me to the same store so she could buy the same thing as well hahaha
To my surprise,I didn't buy a single thing from Topshop
A wee bit too pricey,besides,its the same thing you see in KL,why bother?
I wrestled with my conscience most of the time because I just wanted to get my hands on Topshop's pretty shopping bag,just for the sake of
Since Christmas is just a few days away,Orchard Road was packed with people
I found a few of the Christmas decor a bit too tacky though,idk why
On the other hand,Takashimaya's Christmas tree was really pretty,no doubt
On to the subject of eye candy,memang ramai gila babi orang hot
The girls there have some fashion sense compared to most people here,which made me green with envy
Plus,I bumped into a whole lotta guys who looked exactly like Nick Jonas,black,curly hair,buff body,the works!
I wished I had Nad and Audrey there,sah dua-dua pengsan
Mum's nagging me to help her unpack (oh,the joy)
Till then,or maybe later teehee

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