Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bah Hum Bug

Valentine's Day was as dull and disappointing as always
I'm not complaining though,
Started off the morning really groggy,contemplating whether I should go for Merentas Desa
Still,I got out of bed and took a shower anyways and by the time I was out,I decided to go
I mean,its my last year in school so why not yeah?
Climbed up the stairs to school and lined up in our houses
Sat with Haniesha and Emeilee,then Audrey came,Lisa and Uzma and Raihan too
One of the boys switched on the radio and we had to do warm-ups
Warmed-up with We The Kings,Metro Station and Hot and Cold (sah CD Flapp ke Megat Jazzly)
And of we went,walked to Kiara Park with Ann,Ana,Raihan,Waa,Man and Syakir as well
Had to wait a few minutes before they called the Form 5s and 4s to the starting line
Lish and I made sure we were somewhere in the middle and everybody else was reassuring us that they'll "jog je,taknak lari"
Sekali whistle bunyi,semua pecut gelabah tak ingat dunia -.-'
Lish was shrieking and laughing and that made me laugh even harder soooo,by the time we reached the slope,we began to slow down,oxygen debt kot!
And then,we saw Jenny Hong's van so we made a pit-stop and bought soya bean
Mann predicted I'd stop and eat taufoofah or either buy soya bean and he was right
Lish went ahead and I power-walked with Raidah,kesian dia kot,sorang sorang :( hahaha
Adrenalin began to rush when I saw the boys overtaking us soooooo,I ran for awhile JE hahaha
Gave Eijas a sip of the soya bean and off he went,saw Jaa,Waa and Uzma going down-hill
Eijas pun,laju gila babi sial
Left Raidah behind after that to catch up with Lish and we ran down the slope,part paling senang
At least we didnt reach last kan,not bad not bad
The first thing the teachers said to us was "Sempat lagi beli soya bean?!"
Was sweating bullets and my feet were about to break in half,begged Pn Shanthy to bring me in her car but she was riding in somebody else's too
As usual,our gang was the loudest,shrieking and shouting when they announced winners
Blue House won with 418 marks this year for Merentas Desa,jyeeeah baybay
Be scared,people,be very scared
I think I'll go and pretend to study,just to satisfy Mum hahaha

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