Friday, May 22, 2009

Talking With Your Hips

Suffering from severe Trick-Mirror trauma
Damn,was I shocked to see those two digits on the scale last afternoon
I lost weight,a ton of weight and this really,really bites
Everytime I look in the mirror,I despise what image greets me
I despise looking at my hips jutting out and I get so frustrated when I can't find the right pair of jeans or how my tops just,hang there ( babi punya dada)
The doctor blames it on my high metabolism rate knowing that I stuff myself with food at home but never seem to put on weight ( well,it's definitely not the stress of studying )
What the hell should I do?Become a couch potato and retreat to my couch every day?!
Honestly,I get so ticked off on most days . I'm willing to do anything,absolutely anything to pack on the pounds. Haa,mental meltdown here :'( Whatever.
And I'm still not well,getting even worse as a matter of fact. Starting to get a wee bit exhausted from coughing and wheezing all day and I had a major migrane this morning/afternoon/evening.
Bencinya ! My thyroid's stopped swelling but its not getting any smaller either and the pain's even worse now. God,Sha ! Stop complaining -_-' Imma go over to the mastermind's crib tomorrow. Physics Marathon,anyone?

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Sya said...

Terima jer lah Shaa.