Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weekend Specials

Just came back from Izzud's barbeque and 'twas good.
Nasib police tak datang doh masa cake-cutting hahahaha.
Eijas said I looked "sartorialist" tonight,aww and now I realize the thrill in making fun of Firdaus (Y).
Food was goood too and Izzud's brothers are so freakin' adorable!
Tapi Izzat sombong lah luar sekolah :( hahaha
Maybe it's just me but everytime Amirul comes home,it's as if he grew a couple more inches.
I love weekends like these. Now it's back to our mundane lives. God,three more months to endure and I'm going to host barbeques all week long!
I've no intention to brag or rub it in or whatsoever but I'm going to MTV World Stage

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