Thursday, August 13, 2009


Mum gave me an endless lecture on the importance of education and she can't seem to understand why I,out of all people,who used to score extremely well in my exams,have gone downhill. Well......
Truth be told,SPM hasn't been the top priority in my life. Yes,it basically maps out my life but it isn't the end of the world either.Yes,this is probably the most bogus statement you have ever come across in your life but it's the truth.
Yes,I completely erased all my SPM-related resolutions and I occupied most of my time with socializing. Yes,it most certainly was not the best decision I've made in my life,especially at this critical stage.Yes,I sometimes bury my head in the pillow and cry because I regret what I've been doing.
Yes,I'll be the one standing at the corner and bawling my eyes out because I bombed bigtime. No,maybe I could even be the one who's jumping up and down,shrieking and ecstatic because I managed to pull through even after all this.
No,I have no intentions to take up medicine in college/university. It's too demanding and I would probably have to be freakin determined and patient,none of which I am.
Yes,for the time-being,law is definitely number one on my list. Besides,arguing has always been my forte'.
Yes,I've divided my time equally. Yes,I've been staying at home on most days because I've been making an effort.
I know how to have fun and be serious,I'm seventeen,I've got this brain that I occasionally use hehehe.
Yes,I faithfully and strongly believe that I still have time to change my ways,to wake up out of this dream. This dream of wanting to live carefree days and not giving a flying tuck about my education.On the other hand,unconcerned to you,I've woken up and smelt the coffee a long time ago. Yes,you did not notice this because I am not like you,I have my own methods.
People want to read the truth,si?This is as raw as I get

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sha booyah! said...

if it helps, the last exam i took was midyear form four, and i stoned and busied myself with koko qualifications and hanging out til midyear form 5. i didnt even take F4 finals or f3 march exams. my midyear f5 wsnt tht good. 3As, kot. trials was blah. i hung around til around September, then i went all out. i messed up EST with a B sebab i tatau pasal nutrition i didnt take bio! lol you still have time (: i know you can succeed aa weh, if you really want and go all out. there's still time, you just need to start. :) good luck! :B