Friday, August 21, 2009

Let 'Em Rumble

Don't give me that look ! I just have to blog about today,'twas a good thing I came to school.
Pn. Histaza briefed Nad,Nurul,Acap,Ruiz and I [Amir was absent] on our National Math Marathon this coming tuesday. Having second thoughts but it's far too late to back down now. S'kay,I'm doing this for the scholarship and the cash. Freakin' rewarding combination,si?
5 Alpha had a Pre-Puasa Pesta Pasta Pizza Potluck Party during school hours today.
Ruiz wouldn't let us start eating in class because he felt guilty so he went down to look for God know's who.
We were all literally standing around the table which was crammed with pastas and pizzas and caramel puddings etc. Staring longingly at the food until temptation and hunger conquered discipline hahaha (y)
At first,it was just us Alpharians but then slowly,people from Beta,Gama,Sigma,Usahawan and whatnot joined us as well. If you were to look generally,it's as if SPM is the least of our worries.
Had a snack-fest at Diey's place with Waa and the guys. What a way to spend the last day before fasting starts,stuffing ourselves silly.Made Firdaus drive us to Sulei afterwards. Seriously,you and Diey have got to stop bvvvvhhh-ing each other. Dah nak puasa,tak elok hahahaha. A few guys were smoking near us and my chest felt really tight all of a sudden,so I hid my head behind Diey and exhaled a couple of times. Probably scared Diey shitless because the next thing I could hear was "SHA ARE YOU SMOKING?!" Yknow, cigarette scents = exhaling ? Piques one's curiosity hahaha. K,nvm. God,if only you could have listened to her tone. I wasn't,just in case you're wondering. Do you have any idea how invigorating it feels when somebody else can honestly relate to your problems? Exhaled a number of relieved sighs,knowing that my doubts before are understandable. Thanks for taking time to really listen maaaaaaan (y) I know,I know. I shouldn't be rambling on my blog. I should be catching forty winks before sahur since my slumber hours will go haywire this month,all hail freakin' trials.Dah lah trials lepas cuti,and like,the whole freakin' month of puasa will be occupied by burning the midnight oil. Babi betul.Rasa pasrah sebab tak buat dalam Dewan Tertutup. Dah lah no toilet breaks during papers. Dah lah aku suka duduk kat sink tu,main-main air hahahaha. Happy Ramadhan everyone,cheating is strictly prohibited.

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