Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Well,Maybe I Should Play in Traffic

Syed Arif : *comes into class,tells us recess is early today*
Hanyang : Holy shit ! This calls for a celebration,we should have an orgy. With Sha and Raihan and Nad and Dhabitah and......
Me : Chong?
Hanyang : Hahahahahaha high five Sha,high five!

Facebook Quizzes are freakin' addictive man. So far,I've discovered that :

My Kampung name is Siti Petom Binti Kemit
My Kelate name is Mok Su Setesoh
My Old-School malay name is Suri
My Gangsta name is Ray Ray [More like nama maknyah]
My Bad Porn Movie Star name is Titallica : Master of Puppies [Shall ask the boys tomorrow hahahaha]
My Stripper name is Bunny Amberhoney [Bummer,I wanted something kinkier hahaha]
My Barbarian name is Aishah Hell-Hide

Well,I just lowered my possibilities of getting an A for SPM. Bummer,studying starts tomorrow.

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