Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lips Are Best Kept Sealed,Secrets Are Best Kept Shared (Because We All Know That's What'll Happen Eventually)

You are taught and raised to make sure the skeletons in your closet stay put. It's the unspoken rule. And then comes the time when the bones start rattling against the door and out they come tumbling. Need not worry though,because most of the time,these are the truths that you yourself choose to speak of. The harmless bits and pieces that wouldn't affect anybody around you in ways that would wreak havoc nor would it do any harm to you mentally and emotionally. The solid subject to prove this statement is yours truly. This may come out as a vain sentence but I want people to know me,to grasp the fact that I am not what they think I am,to see why is it so my friends are my friends. Then again,I don't want to pull a Big Brother and reveal all my dirty little secrets (not that I have any) or be completely at ease with sharing absolutely every detail of my life or let you into my innermost thoughts. That is utterly ridiculous. Might as well start penning my biography and have it published,right? Like I said,it's the harmless facts. The ones that I want to amuse people with and to let them know me without having to keep a notepad on my inside and outs. Still,the hidden traits,the funny habits that me myself find it hard to notice is what my closest friends are for. That privilege is and always will be for that bond we've formed and strengthen over the years. C'mon,don't deny me this micromillinanopicogigatera revelation. Every human being is guilty of sharing their thoughts and their secrets with random people. Which we all know,does no justice whatsoever to its concept but still,it's a fact of life. SO ! Before I scurry along the lines of the basic point,maybe I'll waste my time on a hundred (harmless) truths about myself. Before I become famous and have my very own biography on bookstands,nonetheless ehehe. Until then,we'll have to make do with this random post that was to supposedly make me doze off. Failed but at least,that's one random thought of the day down,a gazillion more to go. Two more days in Europe and I shall rid myself of this temporary insanity of having zero To-Dos,xx.

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