Friday, June 25, 2010

Immunity For Keepsake

The feeling in the pit of my stomach tells me that this will most definitely be my last post here for reasons that are quite obvious (actually,just college,it screws us all). The whole crew left and TTDI is just exuding this sad and empty vibe. Honest to goodness truth,I didn't expect myself to feel this way,I am borderline devastated. I've known these people for years,I grew up with my mofos. We've grown up ! Exciting for a few seconds and then,reality rained on our parade. As moronically cliche' this sounds,I realized something so pure and sincere about our friendship. Through all the rough patches we've treaded on,the lifelines we hung from in times where I think,this is it,we're no longer friends -- lo and behold,that didn't strain the bond we've formed. The number of times we've fought,the unbelievably rude things we've said to each other when provoked,the cold shoulders and silent treatments. In spite of myself,I shut that voice in my head,that ego,would I really break ties with them after being friends for so long? Absolutely not. How lucky am I to have them in my life ? I've never felt so blessed until the moment I looked around the table last night,the last hurrah,and I'm holding on to that image because as much as I hate to admit it,that was the last time things will ever feel familiar for each of us. Imma miss the boys the most because for the past four months,they've been my trusty companion,my hombres,dragged me along everywhere eventhough I was the only female present in the car,officially one of the boys LOL sighing wistfully at the mo'. See,here's the problem ni ! Get too attached and experience PTDS (post traumatic devastation syndrome) before college !!!! K,drama minggu ini sikit but you get my drift. Rindu gila gila gila kat Izzud dengan Buj dengan Farid especially,menusuk kalbu please. Dah lah 3years?! Balik masa raya je?! WTF BRB sobbing mentally GMH ! On a brighter note,Dayana and I are going to be college buddies in MSU this Monday,whoopwhoop ! While waiting for my UiTM intake. I accepted the MSU offer 'cause my brain cells are dead and they need to be reincarnated before I shrivel up and die sans any knowledge whatsoever. I'm stoked,really am. 1/2 year of bumming has come to an official end,alhamdulillah (shedding tears of joy). It was fucken' ace while it lasted. C'est la vie !

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