Friday, May 30, 2008


"Cherish every single second you have with loved ones"

After what happened yesterday,it got me thinking.
A girl so young,well-liked by her peers,is gone
Just like that.
Yeah,I wasn't one of the lucky ones though,I never really knew her.
A few "hi's" here and there
But to tell you the truth,the first few weeks my friends and I saw her,
We passed her for someone who,was,not nice,yknow?
How wrong was I,how selfish was I,how ignorant was I?
I'm overwhelmed with a myriad of feelings right now.
Why am I guilty?Because I used to say ugly things about her behind her back and you don't know how sorry I am right now,how awful I'm feeling right now.
Stupid,stupid,stupid Aishah.
When Irfan told me about what happened,about the accident
My body,surprisingly enough,shook so bad
I couldnt touch my French toast anymore nor drink my juice.
I told him it wasn't funny to kid me like this.
But i found out he was being dead serious after I called Ilya and Yan.
A wave of sadness washed over me
Why now?Why her?The answer to it was simple of course,Allah loves her more.
Honestly,on the ride home,I mentally kicked myself.
I felt so bad and somehow i felt as if a part of me had been taken away.
Yeah,you could say I'm being dramatic,screw you.
But its true,I never really got to know her and that's what's been bugging me ever since.
Arwah was liked by her peers,alot.And I feel as if I was left out because of my selfish mind.
I read Syakir's blog,and like a reflex,i instantly started to bawl my eyes out.
I saw Areena's page and felt for her,to lose a bestfriend to a car accident's bad enough.
I feel for her family,her brothers,Harriz too.Her friends,as well.
Allah loves her more,Al-Fatihah

May You Rest In Peace,Farah Hani

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