Friday, May 30, 2008

Screw You

Not a good day.Not a good day at all.
Couldn't sleep soundly,tossed and turn.Stupid cold.
Woke up around 3am,remembered I was mad at Irfan.Made me more restless.
Couldn't go back to sleep,so I sat outside and watched TV by myself.
Flicked through the channels,till I came across this Japanese horror movie.
fuckfuckfuck,the remote control was stuck.Panicked for a few seconds but finally,it started working again.Tuned into Disney Channel and watched Hannah Montana for a good 30-minutes.I think I fell asleep somewhere between 6am and woke up around 9am.I glanced at my cell,and I instantly felt,I dont know?Down?Yan didnt reply my message,figures.So,got my lazy butt off the couch and made my way to the holy kitchen.Made myself a bowl of Maggi and drank iced tea while reading the latest series of the Private novels.Juicy,much?Damn,sometimes I wished I really was one of the upper-east side girls,toting a Chloe' purse and clicking my Jimmy Choo heels.Reality check,I'm not.Around 1030am,my cell blinked and got a message from Irfan.Okay,one fight down,another to go.So,had lunch at Maktok's then went out to have a manicure and pedicure in Bangsar (note my previous post),had a family dinner somewhere in Bangsar.So,here I am again.Laptop on my bed,pillows all around me,blanket thrown on the floor.Why?Here's why.I felt nauseous in the car,too much mango juice i think.Got home,changed into my Bart Simpsons tee and a pair of shorts and lay down.Then,oh geez,I just had to check my mail and see who's online.So yeah,Irfan said Hi,so did Zain and Hazwani (am trying my best to convince her everything's gonna be alright).So,I logged on to my Myspace account.Yan once told me he had a feeling I liked to stalk his page.So I did it,stalk his page,I mean.And yeah,was I shocked to not see MY adorable face at position number 2 on his top friends list.Ok,maybe not so because,well,Yan's not on mine,anymore.But come on,that doesnt mean anything kan?So NOW i think I know why he's not replying my messages.Maybe if it is because of that,how,idk.I've nothing to say,nothing at all.I dont want to think about it.Screw the world right now.Screw everyone.Okay,dont screw Zain,because he said my "ass is wicked" hahahah,awesome (!)

Okay,I'm in no mood to blog anymore,for now lah.

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