Monday, June 9, 2008

All I Want Is,

Oh,geez.I want everything I listed on my WISHLIST.Geez geez geeeeeeez.
The clothes,I don't mind,I just have to be on Mummy's good side and all I need to say is
"Maaaaaa,I've thrown away the old clothes I don't want.But now it seems as if I've nothing to wear.How aa? *insert big puppy eyes* " I swear,she buys it ALL the time huahuahuaaa.
But but but,the boyfriend?I can't buy a boyfriend,neither can I pay someone to be mine.
That'll look plain desperate,but right now I need a big hug,but doesn't that make me sound...needy?In other words,desperate?Gee,idk.No,I'm not implying to you people that I'm not happy.Hell,I'm way happier now than I've ever been in my life.Usually,the boyfriends I meet (not mine,other girls's) well,they seem,overprotective,controlling.I don't want that.I don't want my every move to be watched.I don't want to think that I can't DO anything when I have a boyfriend.
But sometimes,maybe I'd like to have someone to turn to now and then,yknow,the norm.
But alas *geez,I'm starting to sound like a book* luck's not on my side.In the boy department in particular.So,I guess I'd better live with it.Besides,I sorta like being single but I don't want to be single forever.I don't wanna be the lady who lives with 19 cats.Now,do I?

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