Sunday, June 8, 2008

Baby Blue Eyes


Time's moving awfully fast,don't you think?
I'm avoiding taking a glance at the clock because I want to savor every second of the last day of this month's holiday.
I'm dreading school,really,I am.
I just don't want to see the teachers,don't want to sit at my desk in 4 Alpha and count the hours till school's over.
Don't want to open my book or hold my favourite Bic pen.Don't want to get back to my Prefect duties yet,nor stand like a statue in the canteen,staring longingly at the food while I'm carrying out my duties.Don't want to attend morning assemblies.Goddamit,I just DONT WANT to set foot in my school compound,for,maybe another week or so?
I'm not satisfied yet but I'm not implying my holidays sucked.
Hell No.It was damn right worth every second,even that's an understatement.
Where shall I start?Lollied around with my mates,got caught at 3am after sneaking out,slept late.Had movie marathons.My "mornings" began around 12pm or so.
Gosh,does this mean I'm lazy?Idk,not wanting to go to school,sounds like myself 5 years ago.
But whatever it is,i enjoyed my holidays alright?
Eventhough school's looking pretty lame-ass now,I couldnt give a damn.
I'll do my part for our monthly exams,study,focus,complete my homework (and this time,I'm gonna do it all).

And wait it out until August's holidays rolls around.

Sounds good enough for me,don't you think?

Happy Schooling,Lovers

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