Saturday, June 7, 2008

Summer Flop

I wanted to go to Summersplash,really,I did.
But i made plans and besides,come to think about it,there'll probably be girls exposing their boobs,even the flat ones,and obviously guys who's hormones are running wild.So yeah.Instead,I spent the day with Mira,Yan and Luke.Watched Prom Night,wasn't as good as I thought it would be,KungFu Panda was better hahaha (:
So,got home,found out that,SummerSplash was a flop,surprise,surprise (not) Yeah,so that sorta made my dad,LOL.How evil am I?Who cares lah,i bet RockOnRave was better,Hadi said so,and so did Juju.But sadly,I couldnt go,Mum's pissed off,still *sighs* Holidays are coming to an end,and I can tell you one thing,I wished it'll last longer:'(

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