Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dombaire Soiree of Disguises

Our annual prefects dinner was awesome.
It all went smoothly.
Idk how to describe it,like,with all the details and stuff.
Our backdrop was to die for,the masks people bought along were all really beautiful.
The atmosphere was grrrreat,form 4's were like,way way kecoh.
Our opening act was soooooo,rad hahahaha
Eventhough,Flapp was singing dekat audience for awhile,when he was supposed to sing for ME hahaha.
The other performances did just as well.
Oh,geez.The best dinner by far,and I'm not saying this just because I was part of the committee this year,nu'uh
Having Syakir and Eijas there made it even better,Eijas cracked lame jokes all night
Got to see Megat,Izzat and Eddy again.Honestly,I never realized how much I miss Izzat and Megat's company nowaydays:')
In the middle of the dinner though,the hall went pitch black and Flapp turned on one of the musics from Phantom of the Opera,where the chandelier was falling,then i started shrieking,so did Wa and Deb hahaha,just for fun,to freak the guests out,and we did ngahaha.
I felt all teary-eyed at the end of the dinner,after receiving a Thank You note from Shaf:')
And and,yeah,I'm pretty glad its over but i'll miss all those chaotic meetings after assemblies,and using the dinner as an excuse to skip classes,heh-heh (gelak Eijas)
Aww,lets do it aaaaaaaaaaaaaalll over again,guys.
But,um,all the hard work,i'll pass lah haha.
I just wanna say thanks for all of you guys who attended the dinner,and i'd say we [the form four prefects and Syakir+Eijas] should give ourselves a pat on the back,lawl hahaha
And,without Ruiz to like,guide us and probe us to do our work,i dnt think the dinner would've been possible,so thanks Ruiz.
Geez,i loooove you guys,muka-muka letih and mengantuk,aww.
[but i love irfan more,obviously (: ]
I've only uploaded my share of pictures,the rest are with Syakir,Sime Debbie,Eijaster and who else aa?Send me the pictures,please and thanks.

p/s To the few people who sorta had an awful yet enjoyable time,sorry
pp/s Syakir was right,my blog lagi interesting huahuahua

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