Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Good Morning,Sunshine

Right now,I should be in Pn Zalifah's lab,studying Mitosis and Meiosis (yay,spelled it correctly),gossiping with Uzma in between and bullying Atin some.Instead,I'm here at home,waiting for my mum to get ready so we can go and get roti canai in PJ hahahaha :DD
Sorry,people,i "overslept".Gee,my cough is not getting any better,if only worse.I take my medicine alright but its not effing helping,haa,takut ;(
If I'm lucky enough,tution's at 530pm so if Ilya booked an early time slot,I maybe,could watch Prom Night,if not,then its alright.Friday morning,I'm dragging Wa to come watch with me :D
Tomorrow night,Nisa's Sweet 16 at Bukit Jelutoong,i still dnt knw what to get her.I still dnt knw what to wear.Pfft.OO,mom's calling,till then....


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