Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Little Pink Book of Snogging

What time is it now?12am.I just got back,haven't set foot in the house since 130pm,yeah,tiring much?So,Dad dropped me off like really far away and as I was getting out of the car,a speeding bus passed by.Holy shit,I almost fainted.So,i rushed into OU,met Ilya at Johnny's.Change of plan,Afiqah and Jaa were there too,LAGI LAYAN :D
So,we were there from 2pm to 3pm,without realizing it since we talked and talked and talked and ate of course.Jaa of course was on a roll with her lame jokes,but funny lah:D
And the waiter at Johnny's all so blur,until we ourselves were confused and blur while settling the bill.MM,then,we passed by a YAWA booth,suprisingly a few of the YAWA guys,not bad lah hahahah.Ilya dared me to do something so i told her later lah,otw home.So,rushed to GSC to meet up with Audrey and bought tickets to the 5pm screening of A Superhero Movie.Theen we walked to the toilet,while waiting for Jaa to finish (lama like hell),we talked about the art of farting,lmao,dont ask why.It just popped up.It was 330pm i think,so we passed the time by checking out Topshop,bladiblablaa.If you guys realized,well,if you guys are in OU 24/7 like we are,you'll see there's this really looooooooooooong hallway between Bebe (opening soon) and Roxy.Jaa and Afiqah were curious,so the walked by lah while Ilya,Audrey and I were just standing there,laughing because Jaa was struting her stuff and Afiqah did the "layangg" thingie *inside joke*.Hmm,so at the end of the hallway,there was a lift,suddenly Jaa and Afiqah were screaming like maniacs (You wouldnt understand,haha) and their voice echoed through the walls until EVERYBODY near us heard and stopped to gawk at them.I guess they thought,"These girls kena rasuk kot" Ilya,Audrey and I laughed the hell out.Omigosh,hilarious man.But nevermind them,we lost them so the rest of us stopped to get energy boosters at Juice Works.Finally,met up with Afqh and Jaa again and we passed the time listening to Jaa's ghost storied in MPH.Guess what?The next row in MPH,were these Minah Rempits trying to act "cool".Screw them lah wei,dhla berpanau,hangus mcm roti bakar,nak jugak lah pekatkan the R in every word,ee,cmon?Kampung Bitch.So,they kutuk-ed us of course,jealous lah baiii:D Whatever,screw them,pathetic much?Mm,around 450pm we all went to the cinema again,bought mashtatoes and Sprite,yumm.Scurried into hall 6 and sat down.HOLY CRAP.A Superhero Movie is effing hilarious,with all the humpings and stuff hahahah.I can so watch it again,i tell you.Mm,soo,made plans with Afqh,Jaa and Ilya,tomorrow,Prom Night pulak:)) So so,we met up with Atin after that.Rempit in the making *inside joke* theeen we all had to go home,it was 7pm i guess.Bought some pretzels and i told them i wanted to pass by the YAWA booth again (ON PURPOSE HEE),wanted to carry out Ilya's dare but i broke into fits of giggles a few feet away from the booth.Tomorrow,i swear ;) Sent back Jaa and Ilya home first.Then Audrey since she lived in TTDI,closest lah kira.Otw home,my Dad and Audrey were sharing ghost stories,during MAGHRIB.They were trying to scare the shit outta me -.-' Finally,we reached home but when I was about to open the door,Dad said we were just stopping by to pick up Mom and after that One Utama again for dinner.PFFFT.hahaha,so I just got back.So very tired,eyes are droopy,yawning nonstop.Signs,very important sings.Holy shit,last Biology Tution class tomorrow morninng,yesyess.Oh,dammit.Just remembered,tution at 530pm tomorrow.Guess I have to find away to selit Prom Night in between that *sighs*

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