Tuesday, June 3, 2008

When You Let Your Heart Win

Biology class this morning was alright.
Chapter 5's really confusing,there's a thing called a cleavage furrow and a cell plate or something.
Sat between Uzma and Atin,I swear,hardly anything was absorbed by my tiny brain:D
Sooo,then I called Irfan,asking him if he could walk me home,so he said yeah.But a few minutes after that,Dad called and said its okay,he could pick me up.So,i told Irfan lah,what else?and yeah,he was angry,i could tell.Screw it.Soooo,I'm getting ready,gonna drop by One Utama for a movie with Wa,Ilya and Audrey.Maybe get Nisa and Eijas's present,yesyes indeed.Ciao <3

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