Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Indian Silks,

Bloody Sari.
I've absolutely no idea how to put on a Sari.
Must call Kaveetha A.S.A.P.
In case you're wondering,Rara,Deb,a few other girls and I were picked to lead the bands entering that thingie this Saturday,14 June.
Soooooo,Pn Nurhana said I have to wear a (friggin) Sari.
Searched here and there,borrowed Vijaya's but teacher said a Sari would look nicer.
So yes,that's how I came to ask Kaveetha for her help.
I have to learn how to wrap said Sari by Friday since I've to get dress myself.
Deb keeps on reminding me how embarrassing it would be if the kain fell off my body,oh Geez.
Thaaaanks Deb -.-
So,i've got to log off.Gotta ask Jaya whether I can borrow her bangles etc.

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