Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Oo,after losing 4 Nokia phones (yes,4,and not the korok ones either)
Mum bought me a new one,after just 3 weeks of losing the latest phone.
And the amusing thing is,I never expected her to buy me a new cellphone.
I didn't even bother asking,dah tu,4 phone hilang kan?
But i woke up Sunday morning,had breakfast and Mum casually asked me whether i wanted a new cell.

Mum: Do you want a new phone?
Me: Err,tak.Mama,four friggin phones,gone kot.
Mum: Whatever.I'm gonna buy you a new one.Samsung tu korok nak mati,kesian Mama tgk.
Me: Eheh,does that mean I'm getting a new one?Can I choose?Whats the budget?XpressMusic boleh?
Mum : Don't push it,Aishah Zein.I'll choose.I tau lah.
Me:Awesome,jom pegi sekarang lah.
Mum:You nak pegi OU,tak mandi?Muka pon tak basuh,ee.
Me:Oh yah ahahahah.Kaaayy.

So,yeah.Got a new phone.Really pretty though.
And yes,I am downright satisfied right now,ngeehee.
And yes,I swear I'll (try) to not lose this cellphone.

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