Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Katie Kutthroat

They're everywhere.Hell-oh.
Admit it,I bet you've succumbed to bitching,no?
Come on,its a guilty pleasure,as freaky as it sounds.
Bitching about someone technically makes you a bitch,bitch.
Sometimes,when people tell me they've "never talked crap abt some ppl",I want to laugh right in their face.What do you think?I'm stupid enough?Everybody talks crap about somebody else.
Everybody adores gossip,as much as we hate it too.I'll admit,I've bitched so many times,I've lost track of how many times I can bitch about ONE person in ONE day.Yeah,honestly.Believe me,there's a Blair Waldorf in every school.There are loads in mine :)
The ones who bathe in Daddy's money,who walks around the school compound with their nose so high up,you can see into their nostrils.The ones who look people up and down as if they're all that,who talks bad about somebody all they want,sometimes straight into the poor girl's face.Ramai sangat lah,for all I know,there are probably 5 people at the least who bitch about me.I dont mind,because if I did,that would make me seem like a hypocrite,no?Hm,yes yes.As they say,"If you have nothing good to say about a person,Don't say anything at all".But we all know that's utterly impossible.Call me a Gossip Girl freak but i just have to add this one in.
You're nobody until You're talked about
(so lame,Sha,so lame)

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