Saturday, August 16, 2008

Because I Got High Hahahaha

Just got back from a really tiring day
Eleena's bash was today at Empress Cafe' at the Curve
Had loads of fun,ate lots of foooood
I made 6 trips to the buffet table and had 7 cupcakes
Caught up with Megat and Esyraf,rindu lah<3
So,the party ended around 630pm but most of us still wanted to hang around
Amir suggested going to RedBox since he was way excited on going so we did
It was my first time there,as it was Ilya's so we were flipping hyper
Sang a few songs,stupid songs
Jawahir and I were flipping mad,singing Truly Madly Deeply ,practically butchering all the romantic songs
Especially that Aerosmith song,Don't Wanna Miss A Thing,kan?
There was this song though,Because I Got High ahahahahahahahaha funny funny
I laughed so hard at the lyrics,I was rolling on the couch
I cant remember what song it was,but I was way eager to see someone choose it and I was like
Oh I Know This I Know This
So,i grabbed what I thought was the microphone and started singing
But then,I realized there was no echo,I glanced down to see my hand clutching the remote control:D
I turned around to see if anyone noticed but there were no smiling faces so I kept quiet or so I thought
Then I heard Ilman laughing and I instantly knew he saw hahahaha
I told him if he told anyone ,I'd smack him
And he just nodded his head while still laughing
Most of them had to go back by 830pm since we were out since 1pm or so
Ilman,Khidir,Syakir,Flabb,Shaz and I were the ones left
Towards the end,I was the only one hyper,singing Only One while lying down on the couch
Haha,i'm tons of fun,trust me ;D
We decided to ditch the place around 9pm and walked around Curve for awhile
Syakir and Ilman used my wayfarers to pretend they were blind people
Hilarious shit,I tell you
Few people really did think they were blind,and gave way to them while walking
We stopped at the escalator near TGIF and Khidir led Ilman up the escalator (who was still wearing my wayfarers) and let him go
Ilman tripped on the first few steps hahahahaha and he pretended to be blind too
You just had to be there!
I laughed so hard,I cried and my stomach hurt so bad
They were all laughing,seeing my face scrunched up in pain
And that somehow made me laugh harder
Syakir did it next but this time,he walked down the same escalator that was heading upwards hahahahahaha
People were pointing and their faces were priceless
I laughed even harder,and I was begging them to stop
Because I had this sudden urge to pee and my stomach hurt even more
And my eyes were all puffy hahahahhaha
Like I said,you had to be there
I thanked Syakir and Ilman for being able to make me laugh like that
Because I havent laughed like that in MONTHS
Deb and Waa followed me home and Deb was a bit sad
Since Azzim's going off to Korea tomorrow (get me somethiiiiiiiing,nak bag,lagi bagus kalau branded ahahahaha)
So,got home,changed into shorts and a tee and talked with Ilya
Gave each other a pep talk,sayang juga lah minah ni<3 hahaha

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