Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Spew you

How ridiculous
I just read an entry on the MTV website,stating that Malaysia's Islamic opposition party
is finding ways to ban Avril Lavinge onstage.
They even drove Beyonce' away to Indonesia just because of her revealing clothes
Come on,get a grip.Open your eyes.It wont hurt to stop and realize that...
Half of the teen population in Malaysia dress in somewhat revealing clothes (!)
I'm not saying I disrespect my religion and its beliefs since I myself am a Muslim
and by right,I should be dressing more decently but heck,I'll do it when I'm ready
I'm not a huge fan of Avril and I didnt pay to go see her this 29th of August but
to those who did,come on,pity them
The tickets cost a whole lotta money if you haven't noticed
At this rate,I probably would want to move to Singapore for concerts

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