Tuesday, August 19, 2008

She Had The World

So,I was browsing through the shelves in Borders
and I came across this self-help book
30 Days To Getting Over The Dork You Used To Call Your Boyfriend
And instantly wanted to buy it.
Before you jump to conclusions,I'm not some nut who wallows in self-pity every second over a guy
No,no.That usually lasts for a week or so then I'm just peachy
The chapters are broken up into feelings,like chapter 1 is for Denial
Which,I personally found very disturbing
Because it seemed as if these past few weeks of my life were written down in black and white right there on the first few pages
But,by the end of that chapter,I felt really really,invigorated?
I'm starting to think there IS life after my dork
Ok,so,I'm starting to sound like a self-help book myself.
Anyhoo,chapter 2 is on Anger and to tell you the truth,
I can't wait to read THAT.
Right now,however,I need to make a date with my school books

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