Thursday, August 7, 2008

Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross *sighs*

Farisha : kejap ryan, kejap brendon. ape ni?
tak setia langsung. tgk i, setia jeeee kat jared followill. hahahaaa

Ahahaha,I cant help it. They're on the list of guys i'd want to rip clothes off
B's so hot and he gets me every time he makes that eye-popping gesture when he sings.
R on the hand has that innocent,gullible and naive look.So adorable,eeee.
But R has a girlfriend,that lucky bitch.
I dont mind sharing,baby hahaha.
I can't make up my mind yet so for now I'll settle on drooling over pictures of them until I decide.
But at this rate,I don't think ever will.
Because Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross are the sex.

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