Thursday, August 7, 2008

Vitamin Cs and Biodegradable Bags

Being short and small has its pros and cons.
Take recess this morning for instance.
Flapp grabbed my purse and I chased him around because there was something for my eyes only.
He ran around the canteen,tossing the purse back to Luqman then to Ruiz.RUIZ,sweet sweet Ruiz.
I jumped up and down,trying to reach for my purse but to no avail.
They were all," Senang je nak halang,angkat tangan tinggi-tinggi ahahahaha"
I finally got my purse back,after snatching it from Mann.
We had to carry out an experiment during Biology
It was bloody awesome,since it included oranges,lime and pineapple.
We were to investigate the something something on Vitamin C.Hahaha.
As soon as we stepped into the lab,the scent of oranges was overpowering,haa.
Deb and I were put in the same group so it was easier for us to set the things up and stuff.
I cut up a whole pineapple,peeled off the skin even [big shocker there,since I've never cut up fruit ever hahaha] ,and ate some pineapple as well,hahaha.I couldnt help it-.-
Then Acap came to our table with a beaker of orange juice in his hand and said, "Nah,try this.Seriously sedap"
And I took it from him and drank it,hahaha.And he was all "See Waa,Sha pon minum"
Come on,you'd be tempted as well.Manis gila,yummy.
Deb and I obtained good results,so we cleaned up,and munched on the leftover pineapple and orange juice.
But then,my mouth felt funny and I started panicking and asked Pn Zalifah whether the DCPIP or something was poisonous.
She said it wasn't but dont blame her if we go home and started purging,ee.I didnt though.
Then,it was time for Chemistry with Pn Shanthy.
We were all to do presentations on Chapter 9.
My group handled Synthetic Polymers.
And amazingly,Pn Shanthy said it was the one she loved most<3
It was getting dark outside though.By the time school finished,it was raining cats and dogs.
The rain was so heavy and the wind was so ganas,Amir,Acap,Waa and I had to huddle together while walking.
I could feel the wind whipping my stupid scarf,ergh.It was worse downstairs.The murky water was gushing out from pipes and the level of the rushing water was overflowing.Ee,squeals broke out everytime a car zoomed by and thunder clashing.I however was too busy eating Sarah's cupcake,sedap kott.I think you can guess by now that I eat constantly but its hard for me to put on weight.
Finally,I saw Ayah's car.I actually bumped my head while attempting to run inside the car while dodging the dirty water.Malu.Hahaha.
School's fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun *insert sarcastic smile*

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