Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Testosterone Guys

Its been,what?A week?
And you've already got someone else to sink your dirty claws into?
Great.Isn't it obvious enough,that you just wanted to take your mind off a certain someone in the first place?Haa?Am i right?Tell me i am,because i know i am.
I hate it when people just merely toss the word LOVE around.
You've no idea what LOVE is,nobody actually does.
Its complicating and sometimes it's bloody well worth kicking yourself mentally for.
Oo,the "I HATE YOU" scale just went overboard.
Omg,its off the scale.Omg,go screw yourself.
Omg,I'm tempted to bloody well kick your dick.
Eh,it rhymes.Eh,you're lame Sha.Thanks.
Oh geez,now i'm talking to myself.

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