Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Gelabah! Di Kelab Malam


We arrived around 530pm because Azzim said lagi awal lagi bagus.
But we had to wait till 630pm till they let us in.
A funny and bizarre thing happened while we were queuing up.This old Chinese guy came up to me,looked directly in my eyes and sang "You're beautiful" and walked away.
I was all,ahahaha OK!The others were laughing their butts off.I was expecting a HOT,YOUNG GUY but wth
Anyways,the crowd was really small at first and we were a bit disappointed.
Bought some food and sat and waited in the arena.
FINALLY,FINALLY the crowd grew larger.
One Buck Short or was it Love Me Butch?Ala,sama je,opened the act,by singing a few songs.
We had to wait quite a while after that,getting dirty looks from people beside us.Ah,gi mati aa.Budget hot aa rambut karat?
Oops,there I go bitching again.Did I hurt your feelings?Get over it.Dah banyak kali kena kutuk kan?Sure tau handle punya<3>Um,then we waited anxiously until 840pm and then Ryan Ross and Brendon Urie came onstage.
HOMFG.I thought I was going to get a heart attack,I swear.I was screaming and jumping,typical star struck teenager:)
Then,the crowd started pushing each other,normal lah.
I was squished,like in a sardine can but who the hell cares?!
HOLY CRAP.Half of the songs they sang weren't my favorites but again,who the hell cares?!
I was a teensy bit disappointed that Nine in The Afternoon lasted for a mere 6 minutes maybe?
But but,I wanted an encore,probably I Write Sins Not Tragedies,yeaaah because tu je yang I hafal sepenuhnya hahaha:D
They went for a break,and Ilya,Frsha,Lana and I screamed "WE LOVE YOU BRENDON" and he came out,he came out hahaha,haaaa.
I think though,I just developed this GINOURMOUS crush on Ryan R.
Oh my,oh my.
Give me a call,a kiss maybe?
OOO,better yet.
A 5-carat ring.
Um,at the end of the concert,they were throwing out things of the band's
Guitar picks:'(
Drumsticks :'(
And,a towel.
4 girls fell on top of me while attempting to catch it,hence the blister on my toes.
Tengok-tengok yang dapat towel tu was both Raihan and Ya.Nasib kenal each other hahaha.
They caught it at the same time.
So,they decided to cut it equally.And I got a strip of BRENDON URIE's towel.
Which he put on his sweaty head,oh myy.
Who the hell cares whether its unhygienic or not,its..its BRENDON URIE [dramatic effect]
Told my Dad on the ride home,and he said "Ew,towel?Dengan peluh dia?Dia tkmandi tau,bladiblablaa"
Anyways,pictures will be uploaded as soon as possible but before that,one last thing.

I think I've fallen in love with Ryan<3

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