Friday, August 22, 2008

Do Me Daily,Christopher Bailey

I'm in the mood to list down my obsession of clothing items (for the month,really)
Get a chocolate bar and milk ready,its gonna be a doozy(i doubt that but whatever) so here goes
  1. Chain-bags particularly in RED or BLACK or DARK PURPLE or NAVY
  2. Boyfriend shirts,by that I mean shirts guys like to wear to work or whatever
  3. Gladiator sandals,although I haven't found one I really like
  4. Over sized v-neck tees (i begged my dad not to throw his out)
  5. I hope this trend will never be out-dated ; SKINNY JEANS
  6. Wayfarers (i've every color imaginable),not RAYBAN wayfarers though,sadly
Hold on a sec,Mum's wanting me to pack
Balik kampung esok,I am SO NOT looking forward being greeted by relatives I haven't seen for sometime,and they'll all be going "YaRabbi,keciknya Aishah.How old are you again?13?"
My standard answer? "No,Auntie.You asked me that same question for the past 4 years.What do you think?"

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