Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shotgun Wedding

Like i said,it was definitely one hell of a day yesterday,brace yourselves,because there's gonna be alot of conversations in this one
Woke up really early to go back to Negri Sembilan (yes,where its not considered a meal without cili padi).
Arrived around 8am and mingled with the cousins.
We went back because Kak Risha's moving to Montreal and she's bringing along her daughter as well:'(
She's 1 and so flipping adorable,with her drooping cheeks.Kak Lina came with Qistina Aisha along,who's 4 and speaks English fluently,no joke.
I was playing with her in the garden and told her to call me Kakak Aisha,not Auntie (because I refuse to sound old) when she said something that freaked the hell out of me.

Me: You'll have to call me Kakak Aisha alright?Don't go and make me sound old now
Qistina : But..But..You can't be Aisha,because I'm Aisha.Go change your name.Lets find Mak Ngah and tell her to find you a new name okokok?
Me:Ack,Muuuum.She speaks like a 40 year-old midget.

I'm serious,she really did say that.I've never heard a 4 year-old speak such a sentence.
So,the whole time there,she called me AUNTIE ZEIN.
Anyways,I had to persuade Daddy-oh to leave before 3 because of Nurul's surprise party (which I will elaborate on later)
We finally reached KL around 330pm,and I changed my clothes otw to Sarah's house.
It was raining cats and dogs,and I almost slipped running into her house
We all waited for Nurul to come when suddenly Sarah shouted Ann's Here,Ann's Here!Tutup Lampu,Cepat Cepat!
Wawa and I waited behind the door,ready to pounce on Ann and spray stuff on her.
As the door opened,everybody shouted SURPRISEEEEE!
And Waa and I did our thing only to find Raidah,covered in foam,while keeping a very straight face and said Silap Orang Lah.
Ack,I shit you not,that was flipping hilarious.Then,exactly as Raidah closed the door,Ann rang the door bell.
This time though,everybody wasn't sure whether to say SURPRISE or not so it sorta sounded like Aa,Um,Surprise?Hahahahaha
We live for surprise parties,no joke<3
The party went as planned,and Ann didn't suspect a thing<3
People left around 630 pm,so Lana,Raa,Ann and I were the only ones left.
We sat on Raa's patio,talking,when we decided to sleepover around 10pm.
Called Ilya up,and told her to get her butt over.
Cakap,makan and around 12am we made our way up to Raa's roof
Prank-calling people hahahahahah
Best time everr.our alias takbole bla (;
Ilya and I were trying really hard not to make a sound but we were laughing so hard I was scared we'd all roll off the roof.
Cars passed,but not a single person glanced our way
Then then theeen,the home-guards came
Numerous rounds of shhh's and close your phone went around
And we leaned against the wall,hoping to be unseen.Failed miserably though,since the home-guards saw us.Hahaha.
They just drove past Raa's house and we all breathed a sigh or relief.
We quickly went back inside,trying our best not to slip.
As we were sitting on Raa's bed,we prank-called more people.
Hahahaha,what happened during those 2 hours will remain our secret<3
Around 4am,after munching on chocolates,finishing a HUGE bowl of Curry Mee and having a conversation with Pa'an over the phone,who tried prank-calling US but failed hahaha
We made ourselves comfortable on Raa's bed to sleep.
I,unfortunately,got myself sandwiched in between Ilya and Lana.
Ann was fast asleep by then.
As Raa closed the light,Ilya and Lana squealed and hugged me at the same time.
Wrapping their legs over mine,we stayed that way for some time,until around 430am
When everyone FINALLY managed to close their eyes.
Hah,my fingers are getting tired.
I refuse to go pack my school bag,check my schedule neither am I going to iron my prefect uniform. I've definitely got the Monday Blues.

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