Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Monday Blues

Clock's ticking,received text messages wanting to know whether I finished my Biology homework
Clock's ticking,the sight of my school bag and 4 Alpha's schedule gives me the chills
Clock's ticking,contemplating whether I should fake a stomach ache
Clock's ticking,before I know it,August's holidays will end and I'd have two months of school to go through
Sure,I despise lazying around the house but waking up at 12pm everyday is satisfying
Sure,I had lots of fun this time around but I'd have to start studying again
Sure,I counted the days till school starts but now I want time to move oh-so-slowly
Calm down,Sha.Just 2 more months of school till the final exams.
But that somehow makes me think of 2009,SPM YEAR
Geez,I'm an expert when it comes to paranoia
Happy Schooling,World (well,whoever's reading this anyways)

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