Saturday, September 20, 2008

Scream My Lungs Out

Somehow,I feel much more nervous now,sitting for a TEST,than my midyear exams in May.
Maybe its because I'm sitting behind Ruiz, or otherwise known as Juzri to Cikgu Azhar,the person who makes me nervous the most
I'm gonna ask you to read this so you'll know okay okay?Hahaha
He makes me feel soooo stressed,when I hear the furious scratching of his mechanical pencil *dont give me that look of yours,Juzri.
And I know I'm gonna flunk most of my papers anyways because I didn't bother to study properly this time.Come to think of it,other times as well.
Because Eid's on its way,extremely slowly but surely
It doesn't help when your school's stereo blasts Raya songs at 7am in the morning and the discipline room's like my kampung during raya,what with all the lights,and cards and that darn radio playing M.Nasir songs

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