Sunday, October 19, 2008


That's Man with a cup in his tshirt (it looks like a flashlight though) while asking Syakir to bite "it" ahahahahaha

Yesterday was SMKTTDI's Prefect's Convention but unfortunately only three schools came,Sri Hartamas,Damansara Utama and Sri Pantai
Ruiz and I were the emcees,and I was pretty nervous eventhough this was the second time
Woke up pretty late that morning,so I rushed to school and up the stairs to the hall
So practiced a bit with the microphone and Hafiz kept on staring at me because FYI,I get anxious when people stare at me
And after I told them that,semua cakap "Everyone's gonna stare at you later pun"
And my stomach did this flip-flop and I instantly wanted to barf hahaha
Went downstairs to the Pendaftaran counter where I saw Zara and Elisha
Lamaaa gila tak jumpa!Well,I often bump into Zara in One Utama but I havent seen Elisha since standard 6 man,and she's grown taller
Anyhoo,the event started after breakfast around 8am
Whilst I was talking on stage and surveying the crowd,one guy caught my eye
Aiyo,I never knew a guy could look so cuuuuuute in a prefect uniform
But after the ceramah started,I was starting to get a really,really bad tummy ache
Soo,I told Pn Hanizah that I really had to go home because I've NEVER EVER went to the school toilet
And she laughed and told me to hurry up
Called Ayah who picked me up and went home for awhile
By the time I was in school again,the first person I saw was Ruiz
So I shouted at him to wait for me and when he saw me,he did this squating pose -.-
Somehow,most of them knew WHY i went home for awhile hahaha
Got back in time to announce the performance and stuff
Games were hilarious and Raidah and I took on the responsibilty of technical people
And then Sri Hartamas had to go home which also meant cute braceface had to go too :-(
So,the base-to-base activity continued and I was stationed at the canteen with Waa
Perfect place though,while everyone else's base was outdoors and under the hot sun,
Waa and I ate some and lied down on the benches while waiting for the teams to arrive
After the fourth team was done,Waa was starting to feel sick so she left me in charge
Then Mann and Syakir and Flab kept me company
Ya Rabbi,Mann Mann hahahahahaha
He started cracking dirty jokes and Syakir was laughing so hard he couldn't open his eyes
And I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to burst my spleen
Then Mann started to sing that Kylie Minouge song
"Come on dance with me,YEAH" which he exxagerated and made disturbing sounds
And made up his own lyric,Come On And Stick To My Body,Yeah
Hahahaha whaaaatttt
So,we calmed down a bit and talked about more rasional things
Although when Mann picked up the bag of lemang and rendang infront of us and raised it up,
Syakir and I were expecting a stupid joke from him but all he did was put it back down and stared at us
Somehow,THAT was funny too
And and there was this bapok prefect whom we shall name Abang I
Syak,Mann and Flapp called him to our table and told him I liked him and stuff
And that I wanted his number,the nerve of him though,because he actually punched in his digits
While Abang I was pretending to be macho,I on the other hand,was laughing my ass off
Yeah,kurang ajar but so what?Syakir dah buat bunyi tahan gelak dia and Man was blowing into a cup
So after the prize-giving ceremony,everybody left
While we were all sitting backstage,Syakir and Buj came in and said Abang I hugged them
Eeee hahahaha lawak sial

Ookay Ookay,sorry for the bahasa rojak !

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