Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shimmy Shimmy Quater Turn

Tagged By Audrey,sex convo partner in crime

Instructions: List down 25 completely random things about yourself and then tag people.

1. I'm notorious for losing my cellphones.I've lost 5 up to date.Losing phones come with its pros though,Mum gets me a better one next time.Which doesn't make sense,what if I lose it too?

2. My eyes water when I yawn so people think I'm crying when I'm actually just way sleepy

3. I have a shoe fetish eventhough I don't own that many pair.This is due to my intolerance .I've quite an amount of dresses I don't wear either,come to think of it.

4. I walk around in the house most of the time with just my underwear,which ticks Dad off because he says the Indon workers next door can just barge in and rape me.
I told him it would be fine by me if the Indon worker looked like Irwansyah.Which he replied by smacking me in the head (playfully of course)

5.I have a bad habit of cursing which I have a feeling would be a tad bit hard for me to kick

6. I can't stay mad at one person for too long

7. I'm hardly seen with a negative facade when I'm upset because I'm almost always laughing even if I got dumped by a boy,rhetorically speaking of course

8. I have a birthmark on my right butt cheek HAHA (Only Acap knew this but what the heck hahaha)

9.You could probably say I make awfully lame jokes which are followed by shrill laughter.My shrill laughter.Plus,after I make an awful joke and nobody seems to find it funny,I'd say "Okay,fine,tak lawak,geez".Only THEN would they laugh.Some people are so hard to understand.

10.I'm sensitive when it comes to my weight and the biggest turn-off?If a guy can't speak proper English.Kalau tak tahu,cakap je ah Bahasa Melayu.Rather than making a fool out of yourself.

11.I'm absolutlely goofy and loud around my bestfriends,like,really.I'll make a voice like Fran from the Nanny and stuff like that.

12.My idea of a present when I was 5 or so was a box of stadler colour pencils.

13. I went through an awkward stage of LaSenza Girls clothing and sneakers with lights when you took a step.When I was younger,of course

14.I talk literally too fast.A teacher dubbed me Woman On The Train.I still don't get it.Azzim,tell me what it meaans lah -_-

15.I'm pretty friendly,I'll start talking to you as if I've known you for years eventhough you just added me on Myspace like,5 minutes ago

16.My mum says I'm only responsible in school whereas I'm downright lazy at home.Which is true,way way true.

17. Dad brought me up listening to Deep Purple,Metallica and all that when I was younger so I've come to developed a liking for rock songs

18. I have a (not so) secret infatuation for Nick Jonas

19.I am not ashamed to admit that I absolutely like High School Musical

20.I'm always screaming and jumping before doing something nerve-racking in my life

21.I can't imagine myself working either,Audrey hahaha

22.I talk with a wide variety of hand gestures and I'm always bullied by my little sisters

23.I'm very very...gelabah

24.I like the scent of cigarettes

25. I have the biggest confession to make,God forgive me.I'm against smoking habits but I tried a ciggie once and that will be the first and last time I'll ever do it again

I'm tagging everyone.Go ahead,don't be shy.

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