Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ye Ole Sixteenth Birthday

Scene 1:Birthday Dinner

Let's see,I spent the afternoon at the doctor then continued playing Guitar Hero till my fingers felt numb
Then,I had nothing to wear so I threw on my sorta old/new dress and went over to Delicious
Ana was the first to arrive,talked a bit till Syakir,Flapp,Amir and Khidir came
Again,talked some,joked around and Waa,Atin,Ilya,Farisha,Lana arrived
Surprise surprise,Irfan came as well.Didn't expect him to though,but there he was,all stick-like haha
Raidah,Ann and Ana came after that
Raihan came after,then Sya,Azzim and Deb
Kide and Eijas were the last to come -.-'
Thanks Mum and Dad,for the iPod,the dinner,and almost everything you've done and/or given to me these past 16 years
And Irfan,Thanks for the brownies,setelah sekian lama i tunggu<3 style="font-weight: bold;">"Do any of you boys know how to light this lighter?"
On behalf of the guys,I snorted and laughed and said Stupid Question Mum
I get really embarrassed when people sing me the Birthday song,makes me feel awkward in a way
But,a birthday isn't complete without the song,no?
The candles were giving us a problem due to the wind and I kept on shouting Sing!Sing!Sing!
And nobody did,cept for Azzim who said,"Sing what?Singkiii!"
Alas,as I blew the candles,someone shouted SPEECH SPEECH
And I cringed because I'm the last person who's good at giving spontaneous speeches
But then,everyone started shouting,and pounding the table,and the waiters were giving us the stare so whattheheck?
Short speech,thanking everyone,and apologized to my parents for making a big fuss about the canceled party
"Sorry Ma and Pa,sebab I merajuk the past week,this is better than a big party.Wait,no,it isnt hahahahaha but its better than nothing"
Took some pictures and we went out and waited for their parents
Kide and Eijas called me after they went back,and told me my Aunt just drove up beside their car
Whats the big deal,I thought to myself
Until Kide said they were smoking hahahaha ooo busted
My Aunt couldn't care less though,really,and after many calls from Kide,I asked my Mum to promise him she wont tell on them
I take back everything I said before,my 16th Birthday this year was by far the best

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