Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy 16th Birthday,KawanKu

Happy 16th Birthday,Love
Some things that you must know and never doubt for even a second and that are going to make me sound gay
1) You are an absolutely gorgeous young lady,even without make-up.That dimple of yours when you smile captures everyone's heart but your eyes used to scare the crap out of me
2)Many times have we fought over silly things but we've patched things up after a day of fighting.Proof that you are indeed,a loyal friend
3)Your secrets are safe with me.Apart from our close-knit group of girlfriends.
You mengigau alot as well,takut aku nak tidur sebelah kau,nnti jadi macam the time aku tidur sebelah Atiqah,sextoy aku dijadikan hahaha
4)Eventhough you like to eat the weirdest things,I've learned to love em as well.Including the asam candies at Mobil and the cheese macaroni from Secret Recipe
5)I will not stop bugging you to eat mint or secretly put chilli sauce on your food when you're not looking HAHAHAHA
6)I have also learned to put up with the way kau cakap NOOO and TheHell?Memang one of a kind and aku perasan kau suka bulatkan mata semata-mata,seriously hahaha
7)You have by far the most genuine heart,sayang all walks of life,tak kira manusia mahupun semut
8)Please be proud that you are the only one who's seen me naked and you are the only one who knows how my boobs really look like (tak flat kan,kan kan) HAHAHA
9)Remember that day you came over after school and my Dad made that sambal thingy?And you didn't finish your rice and everything so I finished it and the whole time I was eating,you just kept staring HAHAHA You were so shocked seeing me eat alot
10)Last but not least,if you wanted me to list out all the great things about you,now that would be a problem.Mainly because all the times I spent gossiping and crying and laughing and making a fool of ourselves are beyond words.

Here's to many more birthdays and here's to many more reasons.I love you very much,kita kan PWENZZ 4EVAA *inside joke* tapi as the time goes by,kita maju sedikit demi sedikit ye

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