Sunday, December 28, 2008


I really adore and love my Dad but sometimes he can be so utterly childish
He preferred to stay in the hotel room in Johor while we were out shopping in Singapore
And when we arrived home in KL,he told us he had made a home movie for us
He made me rush out the bathroom to see it,with my wet hair and towel barely intact -.-'
So,there was a shot of him answering the hotel room's door and saying things like "Oh,Come In Come In,Been Waiting For You Dari Pagi Tadi Tau"
The camera didn't show who he was talking to and I was dead curious!
And then,there was a shot of him by the window,"Hmm,Nice View Kan?You Apa Cerita?Lama Dah Tak Jumpa.Eh,Jangan Lah Segan-Segan,Take a Sip of That Coffee Lah"
And the camera focused to the chair beside him,where my sister's Teddy Bear was positioned with a tea cup in his hands
HAHAHAHAHAHA Papa Papa *shakes heads*
It doesn't end there,there were shots of the bear holding a packet of cookies,fruit baskets and Sprite bottles,"Man,you eat alot!Enough is enough!"
And then it showed the bear sitting on the toilet seat,"Ya Allah,it stinks in here!Told you not to eat the petai and sambal!"
There was even one that showed my dad wearing goggles in the bathtub and he dressed the bear with my sister's goggles and bikini HAHAHAHA
And ada lah,banyak lagi,so tummy-achingly funny!
I'll upload the video as soon as Dad sleeps,he'd kill me and exile me to an island but oh well
At least we know he doesnt cheat on my mum when she's not around,kan?

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