Thursday, December 25, 2008

Permission To Admire and Drool

I wished I had clothes like that so I can pull off whatever they're wearing
I did once,dress really eclectic and as I was going down the escalator,
People looked at me up and down,laughed and said "Oooo,buat lawak"
And no,I wasn't just imagining it.
Would you be kind enough to book me a plane ticket to whatever country that's okay with whatever you choose to wear?
Because I really loathe people who have the tendency to discriminate.


FARIϟHA said...
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FARIϟHA said...

if they're laughing at you because of what you're wearing,then they're not laughing because you look funny, they're laughing because they KNOW they can't pull it off like you do and laughing at you is just a way to make them think they're better than you. fuck them, babes. you dress gorgeously ;D