Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fast Forward,Pause,Rewind

Twas the first time TTDI organized Orientation Night for the Prefects and I'm quite glad Pn Hanizah decided to give us 09 Seniors to handle it
Friday started off pretty normal and I intended to get some shut eye because I had the feeling we would be in for a rough ride
Alas,I ended up rushing around the house,stuffing things into bags of which I brought 4 much to everyone's shock
Left for school around 6pm and missed the Opening Speech because I forgot to buy A4 paper for the Icebreaking session so I had to call Ayah
Had dinner at the tapak perhimpunan and we prayed that the rain would at least wait awhile (we were eating in open air,orang kantin kedekut gila)
Changed and got ready for the performances which were hilarious,we gave them two silly themes e.g Melatah + Michael Jackson,PCD + Disney
Around 1130pm,Acap called the form five's out and assigned us into pairs,I was with Buj for the Owl Operation
Walked to the Surau's parking lot at midnight,I most likely ran as I was walking alone since setengah orang jalan laju gila and the rest were walking really slow
Then the groups came and they were told to blindfold themselves and Buj and I had to take care of Group 9
Buj insisted that he'd lead the group and that I was to walk behind them
I,on the other hand,was freaking out because Seng Fatt creeped the hell out of me before that
Anws,the whole thing was hilarious.Telling them to duck and jump and crawl when nothing was actually in front,above or under them,Buj was cracking jokes the whole way and I nearly peed in my pants because Aqmal was such a scaredycat,never wanting to let go of my hand or Sai's shoulders hahahahaha
Ended around 130am and we got ready for the Base to Base activity,I was paired up with Deb
Burhan,Bryan Koh and Seng Fatt's base was the closest and we sat with them while waiting for the groups to arrive
I desperately needed to pee so Burhan volunteered to come along with Deb as well
I forced Deb to come in the cubicle with me hahaha
After that,everything went on pretty smoothly and it we were forced to end it around 3am
Had supper and got ready for bed,I was lying down when either Burhan or Mann called to say that Flapp wanted to see us at the tapak perhimpunan
Was pretty pissed off because I just couldnt open my eyes anymore and my thighs ached from running around but everyone went down anyways
We form fives sat in a circle and just talked and discussed about a pretty heavy matter but we managed alright considering that by 430am,everyone was lying down and staring at the stars or had already fallen asleep like Bryan and G hahaha
We actually went up around 5am,people!Had to wake up around 630am but we slept again after that
Had breakfast and the closing ceremony and that was pretty much it
Rushed home and slept until 8pm,and slept again around 11pm till 11am
Went over to Ilya's place today and just hung out
Come to think of it,we don't really go out to OU or Curve or KL often
And some people actually have a problem with us being so,domestic
Tolong lah,we know how to have fun and that doesn't really inclued coming home at 2am in the morning from God know's wherever you were

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