Tuesday, March 24, 2009

School today was somewhat relaxing,although it rained heavily throughout the day
First period was Physics,didn't pay attention at all,but I was speaking really loudly over the clashing thunder and I think Bates was sorta annoyed hahaha
After that was History with Sritharan,he makes it really enjoyable
Then it was English,Hazlin called us all to the hall

Man: *says something to Raihan*
Me : WHAT?!Mann,apa ni,main kayu tiga!
Man: Siapa cakap I main kayu ?I main lubang je
Me : Hahahahahaha !
Ruiz : Why are you telling three innocent girls (Raihan,Nad and I) all this?
Byron : No,that's wrong. Why are you telling two innocent girls and Sha this?
Me : Harhar,funny man ah you Byron

Theeen,they tied my shoelaces together and I couldn't walk or anything
The knots were extremely tight and semua dah cuak takboleh bukak -.-'
We talked about how gays are freaks of nature and things related to what a normal conversation would sound like when Mann,Byron,Mir and Hanyang's around

Ruiz : Shaa! Are you ticklish?Hahaha
Me : Jangaaan,undeniably ticklish
Ruiz : *tries to poke me*
Byron : Wei,Iz,why are you touching Sha's boobs?!
Hanyang : Huh?What boobs?
Me : HEY!
The rest : Hahahaha

Azzim and Deb were somewhat intrigued by my Sketch Book that was blank
Sooo,Azzim decided to turn the first page into a work of art
I so have to rip that page out when tuition rolls around,mister!
Finished my Lisan during BM after recess and Nurul,Deb,Waa and I ate chocolate brownies at the back
Unfortunately for me,I didn't notice there was chocolate on my seat
When I stood up,Mann went " Shaaaa...you have chocolate on your butt"
And the rest of Alpha was laughing and Byron asked me whether I was sure it was chocolate
I told him Yeah,I Tasted It ; YOU TOOK THE RISK?! Hahaha Byron Byron *shakes head*
I'm swearing off chocolate for a week and now I'm gonna catch up on my sleep
I'm being deprived of dreams,people !

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