Friday, June 26, 2009

Been investing in bangles,plain over sized tshirts and aviators lately
Don't feel like making an effort these days,why bother?
Shall go with the flow,yo !
Despite my less than satisfying results,I found out that Pn. Suhana really thinks I can do it
She told me there were form two girls coming up to her and asking her about my results
Bak kata dia "Mungkin Aishah tak tau,tapi nama Aishah paling banyak disebut tau"
Ehem,have a feeling it ain't good crap about me though
Anyways,she told me that as much as my name's being mentioned and as much as I'm known (possibly for being a sucky role model),
I've to show people that my IQ is higher than that of Jessica Simpson
I know this may sound silly,but her approach actually worked
Albeit SPM is four more months away,Imma strive for better results
Oh,I think I'm gonna stop feeding you bullcrap by saying I wont be online blablabla.
Who am I kidding -_-' Besides,I can have cake and eat it too,or something like that
Bimbo momeeeeent *shut up Audrey*
So hyped up right now,like an Energizer Bunny !

p.s Freakin' stoked that I've watched Transformers on Wednesday,sayang Bob ! hahaha
p.p.s Megan Fox is freakin' hot ! I mean,she may be the most beautiful thing that will ever walk on Earth! K,I sound like a holy lesbian worshipper but damn,you'd have to be completely insane if you think otherwise
p.p.p.s I have zero idea as to why my mood swing just did a 180 ! I mean,I'm having my period todaaay and I'm usually curled up in a foetal position on my bed with a hot water bottle by my side,screeching here and there but not this month,weiiiird
p.p.p.p.s God,this is actually bruising my I'm Having My Period So Don't Stand In My Way ego :'(
p.p.p.p.p.s This post isn't really over,is it? I feel like eating bread,just bread.I shall stop here,no here,okay,hereeee. Eee,babi annoying Sha,diam ah.Okay,tooodles!

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