Friday, June 26, 2009


When somebody asks you how you are,you answer with a shrug
You know they don't really care because it's what we call an ice-breaker
Sooner or later,people decide to just get on with their lives,why bother?
Choosing not to ask knowing that the answer might hurt,no?
One day,this random guy brings up a sensitive subject,one that you've tried to avoid but it kills you not to probe?
Anyways,he stops to take a look at you and asks "So,How Do You Feel About It?"
Suddenly,you're overwhelmed by a myriad of feelings
Because you know,you just know that he really,truly wants to know how you feel
Jarang jumpa lelaki macam tu. I sat beside a guy like that today,am talking to a guy like that right now.
As for the rest? Well,guys like that ain't got balls.

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