Saturday, July 11, 2009

Golden Days

Yuna singing Dan Sebenarnya,taken from Afifie's Youtube

The Night Before

On a scale of 1 to 10,SMKTTDI's Golden Night this year was a thousand times better than the last
Eventhough the lineups last year was better ( we're talking about OAG and Meet Uncle Hussein here)
Eventhough I was taking off and putting on the same outfit dozens of times before Ilya and I left the house
I settled on something simple,a black lace top with tights and thanks to Ilya,my hair was all va-va-voom that night
Hell,Farid said I should think of curling my hair that way permanently and I agree,smexy hahaha
Plus,I especially liked the fact that most of the guys were decked in suits,easy on the eyes okay hahaha
Freakin' stoked that our tables were right next to Sigma's,which made the night even more enjoyable
After dinner,we sat in a circle and I'm guessing we were the rowdiest group that night
The only downside to that was the fact that we were given dirty stares the entire night by certain people but neither of us gave a shit
Ding-dong! We came to have fun,not to sit around acting like sourpusses
After the speeches,I only paid attention to a few performances
Omg,sumpah suka Khalyf and Luen's act ! We're booking you guys for prom night,no doubt!
When Yuna came onstage, Raa and I got on our feet and stood the whole time,singing off-key to her songs hehehe suka sangat :')
I swear,her voice is as soulful live as it is on my iPod ! Took pictures with her outside,really friendly as well,and her assistant?boyfriend? was goodlooking toooooo HAHAHA sempat lagi
Qis,Mel,Hanie and I executed a Mean Girls scene in the toilet before that,hilarious shit
Then it was the TTDI Stars performances,pitied Majid because he was having a fever,but he sang anyways *applausing*
If you were to ask either of us,the highlight of the night would probably have to be Nash Rock Kapak's performance!
It wasn't due to the fact that we were fans of him,unlike Odeng,we didn't even know he existed!
We had a helluva good time literally screaming our lungs out and cheering him on,Odeng bukan main ah hafal lagu,nak bawak you pergi concert ah lain kali
Dah lah bila kita tepuk untuk Odeng,orang lain perasan kita tepuk untuk Nash ahahaha funnayh
And everytime he came offstage,we screamed at him to come to our table just for the heck of it
Quote Ana, Come Sit On Mama HAHAHAHAHA eeeeeyer,naik bulu roma aku
We gave him standing ovations everytime he finished a song,and neither of us stopped to take a breather,jerit nonstop
Ann and I played air-guitar to every song and with my messy hair and head-banging,Waa said I looked like Amy Search
Sampai hati kau, Waa :'(
Eventhough I was a tad bit embarassed when I was the only one who stood up and screamed HAHAHA -_-'
In my opinion,I didn't need the crowd or the other performances. If you put us and Nash in one room,sumpah best hahahahaha :')
Mingled around and all that jazz throughout the whole night,I'll definitely miss things like these when all of us go to college next year

The Morning After

I slept over at Ilya's place,tossing and turning on the floor for reasons I shall not mention heheh
Physics with Koo was canceled and we woke up to a message that said
" Jumpah kat Mosin,siapa yang tak pakai baju tidur kena belanja makan"
So,Ilya and I literally jumped out of bed,brushed our teeths and got into the car hahaha
Picked up Waa and had breakfast with Raa,Ana,Ann,Afiqah,Jaa and Lana as well
Just in case you're wondering,everyone did turn up in their pajamas. Waa dengan Lana sorang je mandi,Ann dengan Raa pakai kain batik lagi,I swear on my worn out flats
Spent the whole morning talking about the night before,I can't believe we won't be able to have breakfast together again since Raa left for Kelantan
Still not getting over the fact that she won't be around to grab my boobs or to hang around ttdi with :'((
After breakfast,Lana,Afiqah,Waa,Jaa and I got a ride with Ilya while the others walked home
Thought of playing cards in Athinahapan but it was too hot,bumped into the others on the way and all eight of us sqeeuzed into the Neo,macam clown car
Raa took out the guitar and we made three videos,sumpah lawak gila but in my opinion,we looked so very much infatuated with each other HAHAHA
Sumpah macam keluarga bahagia :'))
Said our goodbyes to Raa and gave her a big hug and a kiss. My God,Raa ! Rindu sial :'(
Around 1230pm,Afiqah,Lana,Qis and I went back to Ilya's place and upon our arrival,we got a message from Nathan
"Class cancel,saya tak sihat"
Apa lagi ! Afiqah and I shouted and danced all the way up to Ilya's room. God answered our prayers :') hahaha
Thus,we decided to not take a bath until around 4pm or so (Y)
Ilya's mum had this sudden craving for pisang goreng and keropok lekor,so Afiqah and I tagged along while Ilya stayed at home to check on the lasagna we co-made
Omg,sedap gila ! Ilya,you will be catering my wedding,no questions asked.
To sum my weekend up,it was bittersweet but hands down,the best I've ever had
And we didn't need booze,kan Afqh?! hahaha

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