Monday, July 13, 2009

When I waved to her across the hallway,she came up to me and said I Pindah Kelantan and ran down to the canteen.
I laughed and continued walking towards the other stairs,confident that she was just joking.
When I made my way to the canteen,I asked everyone whether it was true and everybody nodded uncertainly
So then,Waa and I made an effort to ask Mr Sritharan and he even said the Sijil Berhenti Sekolah was with him.
The look on our face was clear,shocked as ever,flabbergasted even.

Sometimes,I still wonder why she told us all on such a short notice
We couldn't even plan a proper farewell party,much to my disappointment
Somehow,there's a voice inside my head that refused to accept the fact that Raa would leave for Kelantan in a matter of two days
The voice is still there,eventhough it's only been two days,I'm missing Raa a lot
More than I ever thought I would. So,I'm guessing what they say is true,you'll never learn to appreciate a friend once they've slipped from your fingers.
The first thing I did this morning on the way to school was to take a look at your house,it's weird to see the gate closed.
Recess wasn't the same either,the canteen cleared out pretty fast,especially our table,you weren't there to eat the claypot on your own sweet time.
Was in the car with Abe,gave us a ride home and he stopped beside your house,and trust me,I wanted to cry. Fidgeted with my hair to keep my mind off the fact that Ann almost called you to invite you out.
Bila baca balik,macam awak dah pergi untuk selama-lamanya HAHA but that's how I feel now.
You were always there when I called,jumpa dekat bulatan ke apa,eventhough you took a lifetime to get ready.
Sorry I haven't been able to call you,I promise I will do so tomorrow.
Jaga diri baik baik kat sana,Raa and please,aku tak nak tengok kau balik sini macam yknowwhat HAHAHA
Rindu tak terhingga :'(

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Sarah said...

:') thnks baby!