Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It Wasn't Rocket Science

Well,the good thing is,urat tu tak putus,it's somehow,stretched? Either way,the left side of my body near my hips is bruised,you'd be able to feel a slight bump.
The pain isn't anywhere near the normal,sharp pains some people experience. On some days,I can barely feel the pain at all,I can even jump and bend my body.
On the rough days,I can barely shift my foot let alone walk. I'd have to force myself to get up from bed,where I'd fall asleep in an upright position. Yeah,lying down is worse.
It's tougher when the pains come during school hours,I'd have to keep myself from cringing or making sounds that doesn't ease the soul hahaha.
I can't stand still for long,that's freakin' excruciating and don't even get me started on stairs!
When I try to find the silver lining in this,it would probably have to be the steps I take.
When I'm around my parents,I'd walk with my hand on my hips and like,left foot first,then my right.So,I literally look like a pregnant woman. Hahahaha.
Berapa lama kena rasa macam ni?!

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