Tuesday, February 23, 2010


When I was still in school,I frequently read blogs of those who finished school and they rarely updated. Curious as ever,I thought to myself "I'm going to blog every single day after I get out of this shithole because,dude,everyday's a holiday ! " This is my first blogpost after two months and I couldn't care less. My life is as mundane and routine as John Tyree's father in Dear John. I'm blaming Twitter,that micro-blogging genius is fcking brilliant! I rarely have shut-eye sessions because I'm up all night reading a book or watching dvds. I wake up around the same time people come home from school and the only time I actually make an effort to wake up in the morning is to have breakfast at McDonalds or a mamak stall. In between that,I feel as if I don't have a reason to even wake up. I'm in the middle of taking my driving license,classes have started and I actually like driving despite the fact that I get distracted easily and I'm afraid I'll hit the nearest lamp post. My uncle's been really keen on having me write on a regular basis for NST so he's trying to help me out with that. I hope it turns out well because I really,really missed writing.

Don't get me wrong though,I worship and treasure these carefree moments of my life. Those of which are beginning to feel less and more tense because results are coming out soon. I wished I didn't slack,but what's done is done. I won't be here to collect 'em,will be missing all the tears and laughter and joyjumps for Europe. Psyched for that trip ! Leaving in two weeks and I have no idea what to pack. I feel like stuffing everything from my closet into my suitcase. ANYWAYS. I'm keeping this one short. I think I'll probably type something out later tonight. Bye.

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